How to Send a parcel

How to send a parcel

Choose PAXI to send your parcels

Send gifts, products and documents between any 2 PAXI points using PEP's wide network of stores during more convenient retail hours

How To send a parcel:

  • Go to the PAXI point
  • Pick a PAXI bag size
  • Choose your service type
  • Pay the required amount at the cashier
  • Pack your goods and seal your bag
  • Give the bag to the store assistant to register it on PAXI
  • Choose the parcel's destination
  • Check that the store assistant scans the barcode
  • Wait for the SMS when the parcel arrives at its destination

Cost to send a parcel:

Bag Size 7-9 business days 5-7 business days 3-5 business days
450mm X 370mm
640mm X 510mm
Max 10kg