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Home Delivery on demand

  • Does PAXI offer home delivery on demand?
    Business, integration, customers

    Yes! PAXI has partnered with OrderIn to offer an exciting new service. If you are unable to make it to a PAXI Point to collect your parcel, you can now send an on demand delivery driver to collect and deliver it to you within 60 minutes!

  • Is on demand home delivery available at all PAXI Points?
    Delivery, Home delivery

    No, we are currently running a test with a few PAXI Points in the Western Cape. If your parcel is eligible for home delivery on demand, the receiver of the parcel will receive an SMS.

  • How does the on demand home delivery work?
    Delivery, Home delivery

    If your parcel is heading to a PAXI point that is part of the test, you (the receiver of the parcel) will receive an SMS to inform you that you will have the option for a home delivery. Once the parcel is delivered to the destination PAXI Point, you will receive an SMS with a link to activate and pay for your home delivery. Your delivery address needs to be within 5km from the PAXI Point and you will need to complete an online payment to pay for your home delivery.

    An Orderin driver will collect your parcel from the PAXI Point and bring it to your specified address, within 60 minutes.

    If you do not want a home delivery, you can still collect your PAXI parcel at the PAXI Point within 14 days after delivery. Remember to collect with your ID and Collection PIN.

  • What does the on demand home delivery cost?
    Cost, Pay

    The cost of the home delivery depends on the delivery distance. The cost will range from R27 and R46.

  • How do you pay for the on demand home delivery?

    You will need to pay for the on demand home delivery via a secure online payment gateway, provided during the process of requesting a on demand home delivery. The current tender methods are Credit Card and Instant EFT.

  • Need help with your on demand home delivery?
    Help, Assist

    We would love to hear from you, if you have any questions about on demand home delivery, or if you are experiencing an issue with your home delivery. Please contact us: on WhatsApp (+27600702492) or call us on 086 000 7294.


  • What am I not allowed to send?
    Allowed, Prohibited

    A detailed list of prohibited and restricted items is available on our SEND page here.

    Fragile Items: Fragile items are not allowed as we do not have a fragile item process or logistics network. PAXI tries to ensure that each parcel is handled with care, but we cannot guarantee the safe handling of parcels by our various retail and courier partners. 

    As such, PAXI does not accept any liability for fragile items that arrive at their destination damaged. Fragile items are sent at the sender's risk. Please ensure all items are well and securely packaged by using fillers such as bubble wrap, boxes etc.

    Liquids: Liquids are not allowed as they can break and/or leak placing the parcels of other customers at risk. Please do not send liquids using PAXI. Couriers reserve the right to refuse further transport of any parcels that leak liquids and risk damage to their vehicles, facilities or other parcels.

    Drugs & Other Illegal Items: Parcels are screened by our couriers. Any parcels containing drugs or any other illegal items will be confiscated and handed over to authorities. PAXI will cooperate with authorities in any investigations and share data as required.

  • May I send a parcel outside of South Africa?
    Proof, tracking, drop
    No. Parcels traveling accross intenrational borders require customs declarations and the payment of import duties. We cannot currently support this, but it is something we are investigating for the future.
  • What do I need to bring to send a parcel?
    1. A PAXI bag purchashed in-store or online.
    2. The item(s) you want to send (safely packaged).
    3. Proof of identification & your cellphone number (ID, passport or drivers licence).
    4. The Receiver's cellphone number.
    5. The PAXI Point code, name or suburb where the parcel must be sent to.

    The PAXI Point Code can be obtained on our website or if you need assitance, store staff can also search for it on the PAXI app if you can provide an address

  • Is the price dependent on the distance or weight of the parcel?
    Price, Cost

    No. PAXI offers a flat rate between any two PAXI Points. 

    The price is dependent on the bag size and the speed of service you choose. Bags come in 2 sizes, SMALL (450mm x 370mm, max weight 5kg) and LARGE (640mm x 510mm, max weight 10kg) and 2 service types: delivery within 3-5 Business Days, or 7-9 Business Days.

  • What are the valid forms of identification that PAXI accepts?
    Proof, ID, Passport, Drivers

    Accepted forms of identification we currently accept are:

    1. RSA Green ID Book
    2. RSA ID Smart Card
    3. RSA Drivers License
    4. Passport
  • How should I package my parcel?
    Packaging, Fragile, Broken

    PAXI does not offer a fragile parcel service. 

    It is recommended that items are boxed before being put into a bag whenever possible, and that appropriate filler material (bubble wrap, packing peanuts, newspaper etc.) is used so that contents is protected during the transportation journey. The box will also protect the contents in the event that the bag snags or tears during handling, and prevent the items from falling out or getting lost.

    Do NOT seal with tape and secure by applying the self-adhesice strip.

  • What if my parcel cannot close?
    Seal, Close

    It is important that PAXI bags are NOT overfilled and that the correct size bag is used. PAXI Points and Couriers reserve the right to refuse overfilled bags as they are more likely to tear or burst in transit, resulting in damaged or lost items.

    Please adhere to the "Fill Up to Here" indicator line on the bags. Items that are damaged or lost due to overfilling or not securely packaging a parcel cannot be claimed for.

  • How do I seal my parcel?
    Seal, Close

    A self adhesive strip is available in the inside flap of the PAXI bag. Peel off the strip and make sure you press the glue strip tightly onto the white part of the bag. A good seal is important to protect the contents from getting wet or falling out.

    Do NOT overpack the bags, as the adhesive strip may be compromised. PAXI Points and Couriers reserve the right to refuse over packed bags sealed with tape. Use the fill up to here indicator on the back of the bag to guide you to not overfill your bag.

  • What proof do I have that I dropped a parcel at a PAXI point?
    Proof, tracking, drop

    When a parcel has been successfully scanned in at your drop-off PAXI Point of choice, you will receive an SMS as a "digital receipt". The receiver will also be sent an SMS.

    Make sure that the correct destination PAXI Point was captured during the data capturing process.

  • What if I see the chosen destination is wrong?
    Wrong, Mistake

    We try out best, but mistakes do happen. Please check the confirmation SMS when a parcel is dropped off to make sure the correct destination was captured. If a mistake was made, contact the call center either telephonically (086 000 7294) or via WhatsApp (+27600702492) to have it corrected. The sooner the correct destination is updated, the less the impact will be.

    Please note that a route update might result in a delay of your parcel.

  • What is the maximum parcel weight I can send with PAXI?
    Max, Heavy

    Small bags are rated for up to 5kg, while large bags may be packed up to 10kg.

    PAXI Points and Couriers reserve the right to refuse bags that exceed these restrictions

  • How do I track my parcel?
    Track, Tracking, Movements, SMS

    There are multiple ways to track your parcel. 

    1. You will receive regular SMS updates throughout the parcel journey
    2. You can also track the parcel on our website here
    3. Or call the PAXI Call Centre (086 000 7294)
    4. Or track it on our WhatsApp channel (+27600702492)
  • How will the person I am sending a parcel to know when the parcel is ready for collection?
    Inform, SMS, Arrive, Ready

    Senders and Receivers are kept informed of parcel movements through regular SMS messages.

    Important SMSes include:

    1. The Drop-Off Confirmation SMS when a parcel is sent containing a summary of what was captured;
    2. An Arrival SMS when the parcel is delivered containing the Collection OTP; and
    3. The Collection Confirmation SMS when the parcel is collected by the receiver.
  • Am I supposed to receive SMS updates?
    Track, Tracking, Movements, SMS
    As a sender, we will keep you updated on your parcel's movements, until it gets collected at its destination
  • Is my parcel insured for damage?
    Insurance, Missing

    No it isn't. 

    The responsibility to safely, securely and appropriately package items in a parcel is left to the customer. As such PAXI does not assume any liability for damaged goods. We do not encourage the sending of fragile items as our logistics network has not been designed for this. For further details please consult our Terms and Conditions.

  • Is my parcel insured for loss?
    Stolen, Missing, Lost

    In the event of a lost parcel (due to hijacking, theft etc), PAXI's liability for lost parcels is limited to the value of the parcel or R500 if insurance was not purchased, whichever is LESS.

  • Why does it take so long?
    Time, Long, Slow

    The most economical PAXI offering makes use of a very low cost transportation network where vehicles travel on fixed routes.

    As such, parcels can sometimes take a couple of days to get picked up by the courier from their PAXI Point, or might spend a couple of business days on a courier's hub floor before resuming their journey. Sometimes a parcel will catch a ride to a diffrent part of the country that won't make sense! Don't worry though, we are confindent your parcel will arrive within the advertised delivery timeframe.

    While the wait may be frustrating at times, it is the reason the price is as low as it is.

  • Where is PAXI available?
    Where, Locations, Stores

    Refer to our store locator page to find your closest PAXI point.

    Each PAXI Point will have a sign in the window displaying their unique PAXI Point code. Currently PAXI is available at PEP, PEPhome, PEPcell, Tekkie Town and Shoe City stores across South Africa, and we will be adding more locations in the coming months and years.

    If you need assistance feel free to contact PAXI Support via telephone (086 000 7294) or WhatsApp (+27600702492)

  • Can I change the service if I need my parcel earlier than expected?
    Refund, Cancel

    Unfortunately you cannot. Once a parcel has been registered with a courier, the service speed cannot be changed.

  • I no longer want to send my parcel can I get a refund?
    Change, Update

    Unfortunately you cannot. The PAXI service is non-refundable and the bag cannot be re-used once it has been processed during a drop-off.

  • How will I know which size PAXI bag to purcahse?
    size, bag

    Ask the store assistant to show you a sample size of a small or a Large bag before you purchase it

  • What does a business day mean?
    business, day

    A business days means Monday - Friday. This excludes weekends and public holidays

  • Can I only send a parcel from PEP to PEP?
    where, location, points

    No, you can also send a parcel from PEP to Shoe City, from Shoe City to Shoe City, from Shoe City to Tekkie Town or Tekkie Town to any PEP or Shoe City

  • What is an outlying area?
    outlying, remote

    An outlying area is defined as an area that is 60km or more away from a major city or town where our couriers have a facility.

  • Does PAXI operate on weekends?

    You can drop off and pick up parcels 7 days of the week. Our courier partners however only operate on business days so please take that into account when sending a parcel.

  • I bought a small bag and my items do not fit, what now?
    Bags, Items, Purchase, Size, Bag

    If you have multiple items, puchase another bag or purchase a large bag.


  • I recieved an SMS to collect my parcel, but I don't know where the PAXI Point is?

    If the PAXI Point name is unfamiar or unclear, you can search on the Store Locator Page to find out where it was sent to. Just change the seach type from "Address" to "PAXI Point" and enter the unique PAXI Point Code to find out which exact PAXI Point your parcel was sent to.

  • What do I need to bring to collect a parcel?
    Requirements, collect

    You only need 2 things to collect your PAXI Parcel:

    1. Your collection PIN received via SMS
    2. ID of the person collecting the parcel
  • Can a friend or family member collect a parcel on my behalf?
    Friend, Family

    Yes, as long as they have THEIR proof of identification and you shared your Collection PIN with them.

  • What happens if the receiver doesn't collect their parcel?
    Collect, Receiver

    If a parcel is left uncollected at its destination PAXI Point, it will be sent back to the store where it was initially dropped off. The Sender will be informed via SMS when it is being sent back, as well as when it arrives.

    If it is not collected at the origin PAXI Point within another 14 day window, it will be sent to a uncollected parcel facility to be disposed of. Uncollected parcels cannot be claimed for.

  • Is my parcel safe?
    Safe, Secure

    PAXI is a safe and secure parcel service!

    We take great care to track your parcel movements while it is traveling in the network. All PAXI parcels scanned when entering and exiting a location, and are stored in dedicated, secure storage locations. 

    In the event that something goes wrong and your parcel is lost due to hi-jacking, vehicle accident, theft or robbery at a PAXI Point we have a claims process in place. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

  • My phone number has changed! What should I do?
    Change, Number, New number, New Phone

    Please contact PAXI and provide us with your new contact details. Without your details PAXI will be unable to notify you that your parcel is ready for collection. Some security questions will be asked during this process.

  • I have lost or deleted my Collection PIN SMS! What should I do?
    Lost PIN, SMS

    Contact the PAXI Support team via telephone (086 000 7294) or WhatsApp (+27600702492). Once you have been verified, the SMS can be resent.


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